Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brisket Success

Today I cooked a brisket flat with great results. I've been looking for a brisket with the point on it for some time but for some reason the grocery stores in Salt Lake do not carry them. But despite the small size (4lbs) of this flat, it turned out moist and tender. The bark was very thin which meant the burnt ends weren't as good, but the in-laws loved it and so did Caity and I. While the brisket rested I did plain peppers, bacon wrapped peppers stuffed with cream cheese, and chicken thighs. It was worth the work and the sleep deprivation to make a great meal. Next project: Prosser and Spokane for competitions. Thanks to Jeff for showing me how to make the peppers and Dad for sharing his award-winning brisket recipe with me.

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