Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to cut cheap but awesome steaks

In the above video, I bought a Top Sirloin Butt at Costco for about $35, or $2.35 per pound. Most grocery store butchers would probably sell you a whole top sirloin butt for a couple of bucks less per pound than you would pay for pre-cut and packaged steaks. However, the Costco deal is the best price I have ever found. Most of the time you pay about $5- $8 pound for pre-cut and packaged Top Sirloin steaks. Another good reason to cut your own steaks is that you control the thickness of the steak, which important when you are grilling. Thicker meats are easier to keep moist and tender on the grill. You'll see in the video that I like to cut what a friend of mine calls "Fred Flintstone" steaks because they grill up perfectly.

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