Friday, January 8, 2010

The "Madden" Burger

If you haven't had a good heart attack in a while, this burger will give you one:

You need:
Hamburger Meat
Cream Cheese (in stick form is easiest)
Sliced Pastrami
Your Favorite Cheese
A Doctor

The preparation:

Before you go flattening a regular ol' hamburger patty to throw on the grill, try rolling it into a ball, poke a hole, and add a dab or two of cream cheese in the middle. THEN flatten it out into a patty. This will make your hamburger delicious, more juicy, and give you heart disease (but you'll die happy). Next, cook some bacon until almost done. Smoke your burgers at 300 F (or medium setting for Traeger users). When the burger has ten minutes to go, put on the bacon, a couple slices of pastrami, and top it off with a slice of cheese. I like it with fry sauce (ketchup mixed with mayonnaise) but just the burger on a bun is excellent. The chest pain that radiates to your left arm is normal.

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caitlin said...

Best burgers of my life. Seriously, I can die happy now.